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Office/Service Description
Family Law Facilitator The office of the Family Law Facilitator assists self-represented parties with child support, spousal support and health insurance issues. The staff provides legal information and education to help parties complete their paperwork and represent themselves in their cases. The staff does not give legal advice nor does it represent a party in a case or at a hearing. There is no confidentiality or attorney-client relationship created between the office and a party.
Private Counselors & Evaluators Directory You can search for professionals that provide counseling services for families experiencing conflict surrounding the custody and/or visitation of their children and/or perform child custody evaluations.
Our Children First Program (English & Spanish version) You can complete the Court’s orientation to mediation on-line. All you need is your case number to access the program.
Our Children First – In Person Parents are required to complete a mediation orientation program on-line called Our Children First (OCF) prior to the hearing and preferably, prior to mediation. If parents are unable to complete the on-line program they may attend the Our Children First – In Person offered on the first Thursday of each month at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. You will need to bring your case number and a pen.
Family Court Services Department, formerly known as Conciliation Court. Mediation gives parents the opportunity to discuss with a neutral mental health professional the best plan for their children. If the parents reach an agreement, the mediator drafts the custody and visitation plan.
Parent Education Referral List for High Conflict Parents Provides a list of individuals and organizations that offer assistance to high conflict parents.