How To Choose A Divorce Attorney

By February 10, 2015 November 10th, 2015 Blog

Divorce is a big event in your life. Choosing the right attorney for you and your process will make it easier and help you settle with your spouse equitably.

But how do you choose? You certainly don’t want to just pick the one with the biggest billboard advertisement on Interstate 40. Instead, try this process to find the divorce attorney who can guide you through the legal challenges ahead.

Research – Ask around for recommendations. Some of your friends and family have gone through divorce. Would they recommend working with their attorney? Why or why not? Be sure to ask a lot of questions about their experience. Look for someone with a practice in family law; he or she will have more knowledge about the many facets of divorce.

Interview – Set up a meeting with more than one attorney so you can compare styles. Ask him or her questions about the process. Take note of how you feel about him or her. Divorce is very personal and requires you to share a lot of private details. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with this person. (But don’t make him or her your therapist.)

Get the Facts – Ask about cost: flat rate or billed hourly? Will they respond to questions via phone, email, snail mail or all of the above? How quickly do they usually respond? What are their expectations of you? You must know in advance what you are getting into.

Once you have this information, it should be a clear choice.

Want to know more? Join one of our workshops to hear directly from a family law attorney about the process.